Sponsor the Booster Club by donating money to help support student athletes at WHS!


We fundraise to support our Athletic teams with uniforms and the equipment they need to be successful!  We financially support all Williamsburg Raider athletic teams with money raised through memberships and fundraisers.

Your donations, both with your time and your financial support, help our student athletes be successful throughout the year!


Hosted by the Williamsburg Booster Club

6th, 7th & 8th Grade

Saturday, Jan 7th, 2023

Tournament will be held at the Williamsburg Rec Center and the Williamsburg High School

Fee: $150 per team by Dec 18th, $165 after Dec 18th.  

3 Game Guarantee

School Teams ONLY

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade

Saturday, Jan 28th, 2023

Tournament will be held at the Williamsburg Rec Center and the Williamsburg High School

Fee: $150 per team by Dec 18th, $165 after Dec 18th.  

3 Game Guarantee

School Teams ONLY

Contact Michael Henderson with any questions: wburgboosterclub@gmail.com or 319-325-0200

WHS Booster Club Mission

The purpose of the Williamsburg Booster Club is to provide all Jr High and High School athletes, cheerleaders, and POMS dance members with the necessary uniforms and equipment that the school activity fund is not able to provide.  The school's fund pays for coaches' salaries, transportation, officials and some minor equipment.  

We need your help making sure that the support continues.  Please consider becoming a member for the upcoming school year!  (Members do NOT need to attend meetings)

Thank you for your continued support!



Each school year, the booster club provides the athletic teams with thousands of dollars in support of the extra-curricular activities.  ALL UNIFORMS and any other requested equipment purchases are the responsibility of the booster club.  This year we are giving a significant contribution to the school's stats and live feed system for athletic events.  We financial support all Williamsburg Raider athletic teams - both high school and junior high - with money raised through membership dues and fundraisers.  Thank you to all of your that continually support us year after year - and WELCOME to anyone new that is looking at becoming a member and helping our Raider athletes!



The Booster Club purchases uniforms for all of our junior high and high school teams.  Each team is on a rotation and receives new uniforms every 4 years.  The funding for these uniforms comes from donors like you as well as the fundraisers we put on.  Keeping the athletes in proper and safe gear is extremely important.



In order to keep up with competition, our athletic teams need equipment to improve their skill sets.  These recent equipment purchases were made by the Booster Club: Shoot away basketball machine, indoor golf hitting mats, weight equipment, sound system for baseball field and Mary Welsh and many more!



The Booster Club assists with special fundraisers, such as the VIP Golf Outing, in order to raise funds to improve our athletic and school facilities.  We recently purchased new dugouts at the softball field, a new ice machine for the training room, an AED system, a new shed for the baseball field, batting cages for the baseball and softball fields and many more!


As part of our fundraising effort, the WHS Booster Club sells merchandise multiple times throughout the year.  We do carry some inventory and it can be viewed and purchased by getting in contact with us.